Workshops and DVDS!


If you, want to learn in your own studio, DVDs are the way to go. Creative Catalyst and I have produced two DVDs. Collage, paper and Patterns and glazing deals with all my basic techniques, stamps, complicated paper, stencils, glazing.

This is what Creative Catalyst has to say about the new DVD:

With Anne Bagby's forward-thinking, experimental approach to mixed media, you never get stuck in a rut. Anne always sees room for improvement, and in this advanced collage workshop, you learn dozens of ways to refine your compositions. You print custom paper, master essential patterns, and use drawing, glazing, and stenciling techniques to create stunning figure designs.

Anne teaches you to mix subtle, harmonious colors from your aggressively bright professional paints. She builds collages from one-of-a-kind, hand-printed papers, and she grounds her work in a deep understanding of pattern. You learn to stamp, comb, sponge, and roll designs based on classic stripes and contemporary letterforms.

Anne teaches you to be fearless about modifying, cropping, cutting, and combining the papers and figures you create. You harmonize collage elements and solve design problems with glazing, and you add detail with hand-cut and store-bought stencils.

Anne teaches you to evaluate faces in photos and shares her tips for drawing figures. She mixes and matches sketches with custom papers to discover the perfect collage composition. You use glazes, opaque paints, and masking to bring your design into focus. Push yourself beyond mixed media basics in Pattern and Form: Advanced Collage Techniques with Anne Bagby.

Starting this spring, I will be opening up my studio for Intensive Workshops for all skill levels.  If you are serious about art, you will fit in.  My studio has room for a retreat with one individual up to a group of eleven.

Working in my studio will allow me to teach with all my tools, stamps, sewing machine, sander, etc.  Working with a small group will give me a chance to know my students as individuals and to work at their level and address their interests. 

I hope to do one or two workshops per season.  If you think you might be interested in coming to Tennessee next spring, please send me an email and I will put you on my mailing list.